Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring Baseball

My little football stud became
a little baseball stud just like that!!!
Practicing ALL the time...
on his own throwing the ball
at the net so it bounces
back for him to field or catch!
Pitching practice from his big brother:)
Next thing I knew he was 
playing for the Texas A&M Aggies
baseball team :)
I LOVE seeing another precious boy
in this baseball jersey:)
The little guy is so driven...
he practices on his own so much. 
Such a STUD!
And he loves to celebrate when he "wins"!!!!!
Victory Laps!!!!!
My big boy is also back on the field
for SPRiNG Baseball (on the mound here!). 
This is a great sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The two Coach P's!  ;)
The biggest news was the kid
playing catcher behind the plate...
That would be MY son, Walker,
playing catcher for the first time EVER
at the last practice before our first game.
And doing AWESOME. 
Spring Baseball is upon us!!!!
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