Friday, April 3, 2015

Pre-Valentine's Day Fun!

Beau, Hank, Ella and Hudson 
made these at Mrs. Janice's :)
My students wrote essays about their favorite
teachers a few weeks ago.  I attached a 
Valentine's note to each essay and
the students delivered them to their teachers.
The teachers loved it!  
It was a mess organizing them though.
I received lots myself...and there is nothing
better than written words from a student!
They might have just written about me
to get a good grade...but it worked;)
I have ALWAYS bought the boxed
Valentine cards and have never
thought anything of it.  It's fun seeing what
my kids pick each year.  Well
this year Hadlee REALLY wanted to
do something cute!  It was hard to 
turn that down.  So we got creative...
creative for me anyways!  
We had to do two different ones because
Hadlee absolutely would NOT give
the boys ones that said, 
"Pop Quiz! Will you be my Valentine?"
That made me laugh...
hope she keeps this attitude
up though!  Boys are no good;)
Haddie made her box all by herself...
duct tape of course!!!!!!!!
Sweet Huddy chose football ones
(from a BOX!)
I love how he likes to write
letters and words.  
Sweet little treats for Hudson's friends:)
Walker didn't do Valentine's this year:(
But he took his precious homeroom 
teacher a treat.  We just love her!
(I had to wrap this up otherwise 
he might not have taken it!)
His teacher had just had eye surgery so 
I thought this was too cute.
Thanks to my friend Amanda for
the eye pillow idea!!!
(AND she ordered the eye pillows!)
Mrs. Janice and Ms. Penson 
needed a little LOVE on Valentine's, too! 
We had just finished poetry in 
English II so we celebrated Valentine's Day
with a poem and little Valentines
from me for each student (with candy!).
The two crazies in front had been 
being mean to each other so I 
made them hug!  ha ha!
Yet again, I have such fun classes...
For years, I've given out Valentines 
to each student.  I tell them that they 
can't say that somebody doesn't love
them on Valentine's Day because
their teacher does:)
BUT this was a of my funny
boys took the card, changed it up,
grabbed some candy off my desk
and handed this to me!!!
I thought this was hilarious!!!!!!!
His name isn't really Mo Money
but that's what he goes by on the football
field and in English class;)
Hudson had the best time at Mrs. Janice's.
She and Adrienne spoil him:)
He is so loved there.  
It's the best feeling EVER.
Playing with their new treats...
Sweet Boy....
he's so happy there:)
Daddy was having fun that day with
TWO precious Valentines himself!!!
He surprised Hadlee and Jersi
with lunch that day!!!!!
Such a sweet Daddy and two
ADORABLE Valentine dates!!!
I love this crew!  
"Love is patient.  Love is kind..."
1 Corinthians 13:4 fits Mrs. Janice 
That afternoon the kiddos were so excited
when they checked the mail 
to find Valentine cards from 
Mamaw and PaPa Jimmy!!!
So sweet:)

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