Saturday, April 18, 2015


Old Man Winter and I do not get along.
At. All.  
I fight being cold all the time
and when it's actually cold to everyone,
it's MiSeRaBLe to me.  I can't help it.
We had our first "snow day" 
which was actually just icy road
conditions, but it cost us a full day.  
The kiddos were pumped of course! 
They had a contest to see
 who could draw the best "Mommy"...
Oh MY!!!!!!
Funny very, very Funny
One day stuck at home and we 
just had to get out;)
Walker went to a friend's house 
and we went to 3Spoons:)
They were doing the "x" for Ed;)
Huds doesn't seem to mind
the cold.  I have to force him to 
put his coat around him!!!!!!!
Basically the TRuTH...
One day we had a late start...
Third Row Crazies...
I texted this one to their moms
to tell them that I got the boys
safely to school on the ice;)
One day it actually really DiD start snowing
while we were at school!!!!!!!!!!!!
My students were begging me to go out
and I kept saying no.  Then I realized...
what a memory!  So we went out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They had so much fun!
I love my students so much!!!
This is my super sweet second period...
We just don't see snow that often 
in Waco, Texas!  (Thank Goodness!  ha!)
We had fun and this might be the 
only thing they remember from Mrs. Pierce's
class...the day we played in the snow:)
Two of my sweet faves :)
#DreamTeam wanted their picture
in the snow but not enough to 
go back out in it!  ha ha!
I have a very sweet girl interning
with me from A&M one day a week.
She will be with me everyday in the fall.  
She fits right in with us:)
I loved that Ms. Penson took
Hadlee's class out, too!
Come to find out Walker's teacher took his class
and of course Hudson went out at Janice's!
Ms. Penson took this one of their little
tracks in the snow from her window:)
I also loved that Ms. P sent these pictures to us!
The snow was beautiful surrounding
South Bosque:)
These kids will always remember this:)
So FuN!!!!!!!!!!!

A few days later while it was still
really cold, we had a fire drill. 
#DreamTeam did not like this!!!
Well, Trey did...but he's from Colorado!
Our cold weather is a joke to him;)

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