Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kendra Scott Trip

One day during Spring Break,
we took a FuN road trip!!!
I finally made it to an actual
Kendra Scott store  ~ the original one 
in Austin:) This was the reason for our trip!
This is how Trav felt about the 
Kendra Scott store!!!!!!!!
As usual, he was an awesome sport!
I love this guy:)
My sweet teacher team had given
me a gift certificate that I got
to spend AND Kendra gives a 
special if it's your birthday month:)
Trendy Mindy is all about Trends!!!
Sweet Girl was all about it, too...
but she just won't wear jewelry yet.  
I would have loved to buy her something. 
Aunt Lynna and Grandmother
are hooked, too!!!!
I love my family.  
We missed Michelle & Walker...
Michelle is just not a shopper though
and Walker had a better offer.  HA!
We were in such a cool 
part of Austin...
How fun is this?!?
Next we went to lunch and 
Grandmother was thrilled she got
to catch some of the Baylor game
on tv!  Such a fan:)
AND Sweet L met us!!!!!!!!!
She had not seen Travis in person since
he was at Texas Neuro Hospital in Austin 
so this was a real treat for her!!
Our final destination and reason
for the trip was NORDSTROM:)
which also meant Hudson had
to visit the Lego Store...
AND Hadlee had to visit 
the Vera Bradley store:)
This is how Trav felt about 
Nordstrom ;)
We had the BEST time as usual.
We laughed allllll day long.  
I am so blessed by my family:)
I saw this at the mall that day 
and it couldn't have been more fitting...

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