Monday, April 20, 2015

Brandy's Wedding

What a treat to have Sweet L
stay with us on a Friday night:)
 And what a surprise
that one of our Petit Nana's is 
now taller than one of our Na Na's!!! ;)
 I loved having THIS girl on my couch!
And had to send it to the other 
NaNa's to brag;)
The next morning, Sweet L and I 
hit the road.  After breakfast
at Chickfila, we stopped to get her
a Starbucks.  She ran in to get it and
of course came out with a cup for me;)
Downtown McKinney for 
Brandy's Wedding!!!
So, so happy to be there!!!

I couldn't believe when Brandy's
oldest daughter came walking out!
She was born two months after
Walker...Brandy and I experienced
our first borns very close together
and all that goes along with that.  
Molly is BEAUTIFUL and so 
grown up.  Just a knock out.
Surely Walker will want to take
her to his prom someday:)
Beautiful Brandy & Her Dad...
Brandy has been through so much, 
God bless her heart.
I'm so glad she has found love and 
happiness again! 
It was such a beautiful
and sweet ceremony!
Congrats to the new couple!!!
It's funny how all of us know each
others' high school friends...
it's like we are all one big family.
I can remember many visits to UT
to see one of these girls during my days
at Baylor and many visits from the
other girl to Baylor to hang with us.
Good times!
Glad both groups could have
reps;) at the wedding for Brandy! 
Representing the Na Na's!!!
SO, SO happy for Brandy!!!
UH OH...another Petite NaNa 
as tall as Sweet L!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandy's girls are adorable!  
It was so good to see them...
such precious personalities.
It's been too long since I had seen them!
And her mom, too!  Love her!!!
NaNa Approval for Chad ;)
Happy Day! 
And just like that Sweet L and
I were back on the road...
pretty flowers and champagne left 
over from the wedding in hand!  ;)
Wishing Brandy a new 
happily ever after :)

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