Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My YouTube Sensation

This Girl...
 One afternoon during Spring Break,
Haile and Hadlee decided to make 
a video for Hadlee's (NON-EXiSTeNT)
YouTube Channel.  
The topic was 
"How to remove marker from 
your face with water and cotton balls!"
It was RiVeTiNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND HiLaRiouS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean, seriously soooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!
If I actually put this on YouTube 
- which I'm not! -
she just might be the next YouTube Sensation!!!
There are a few cameo appearances
by her mother, too!  ;)

To be such a shy and reserved
little girl at times and then to be like
this at other times...
I love her personality!!!!!!!!!!
So funny!!!!!
I'm so lucky BLeSSeD that this silly girl
is my daughter!  I love her so much!!!
She makes me smile!!!!!!!!
I love her sweet and funny little friends, too!  :)
And of course, I'm so glad that I know 
how to remove marker from my 
face with cotton balls now;)

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