Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Full :)

Baseball is in FULL SWiNG
at the Pierces(: It's so funny now
that BOTH of my boys go with Daddy
to the batting cages!!!!!!!!!
Our baseball friends laugh at Troy
and his knowledge of the "rule book"
and other things baseball;)
He's such the engineer at EVERYTHiNG
he does.  I had to send this pic
out of my man gearing up for the season! ;)
Then there's me...Trendy Mindy.
Trying to decide on a bag!!!!!;)
I normally keep my desk very straight
but as the STAAR test got closer
and closer and the essays started
building up, it turned into a disaster
zone for a while!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't really do Instagram...
Hadlee is in charge of that on my phone;)
BUT I love when she shows me that
her PE class has posted!  
ESPeCiaLLY when Hadlee is 
in the picture!!!!!!!!!!!
I RARELY do anything to my house. 
 It pretty much looks like it did 
when we first built it!!!   BUT
Hadlee and I have become
obsessed with Fixer Upper
and she loves helping me 
try to "fix up" our house! 
I decided it was time to do away
with the RED in my house and 
lighten things UP (even moreso!)!!!
We had fun shopping for new
throw pillows which IS a way
I've always updated my house.
I love changing up the pillows:)
A new lamp is fun, too!
Hadlee is quite the model for me;)
Hudson got so upset that Hadlee
was getting to be the "model"...
hence the tears in his eyes!  
Troy said NO WAY on the white
drapes though!  
I did lots of different tests on drapes!
Then I had lots of returning to do!  ;)
Gearing up for Haley's first 
softball game!!!!!
I love the verse on the back of 
this shirt!  It reminds me of Travis:)
Huds was so proud of his Haley shirt:)
He wanted to wear it everyday!
And he did for the first couple of days;)
Hair cut day for the BoYs!!!!!
And Friday Night Marco's!  :)
Maybe we need to go skiing!!!
Hadlee's PE teacher is SO precious!
Hadlee absolutely ADORES her:)
I love her Instagram posts!
So cute!!!!!
One evening when Troy was out of
town, I met my team for dinner at Chuys.
Plans had fallen through for my guys
(Hadlee was at dance) so I dragged them
along with me.  They sat at their own
table and ate and played on my phone.  
Next thing I knew my Instagram had been
Late one night I went to get in bed
only to find that there was no room
left for Mommy!  Two had already 
made their way into my bed;)
This picture is blurry...
but there is CONSTANTLY 
a ball bouncing, a "game" happening
or a trick shot being tried
in my house.  Constantly!!!
Mrs. Janice's new house was ready
right before Spring Break!!!
I love my Huddy's drawings!
This is Hudson in his football uniform
with the Midway score board behind him.  :)
Busted blood vessel in my eye.
I turn 40 and THiS happens!
Dance Party on a Saturday 
night at the Pierces :)
I love a full house of FuN!!!!!
Tdawg loves to get his groove 
on with these crazies!  :)
A "music show" is fun, too!
A "dance show" even!!!!!
My second period class :)
I am so blessed by my students.
I love them all...such unique
and fun and sweet personalities.  
I love picking up my kiddos from
school and having a full car of fun!  :)
They are my joy in this world!!!

Life these day is FuLL!!!

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snekcip said...

Heyyyyy Mindy!! I don't get to blogland much anymore (my workload at work has increased and once I'm home, I hardly ever sit at the computer, especially after staring at one all day) I digress, however and had to check on one of my favorite blog families. Look like springtime is in full swing in your household!! I just LOVE Hudson's pics! You have got to make that into a keepsake! Did you see Bre and my grandson's drawing I had made into a stuffed keepsake? Absolutely PRECIOUS!! I plan on having one for each of the grands made!! There are many company but I found one that I loved! It's called Budsies and the turnaround takes about 8 weeks, but it's so worth it. Most of the other places I contacted were booked til mid-summer. Anywho!! Enjoy the rest of the week and I will check back REAL SOON!! (I forget you are on FB...DUHHHH!!) I kinda like it here on your blog though!!