Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hudson's Play Off Game

Hudson has pretty much asked for
and received everything needed
for his "football team" and "games"
except for a SMOKE MACHINE.
Until CoCo heard ;)
Leave it to my best friend to 
surprise Hudson with his very own
smoke machine!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course that meant he had to 
have a game THAT very night!  ;)
Well, actually he has a game
pretty much every single night!!!
Since Mommy couldn't quite figure out
the smoke machine, it was Daddy to
the rescue!!!  And just in time 
for Hudson's big "play off game"!!!
So much anticipation!
Getting this ready for the RUN-OUT!
We have SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Since the smoke machine was fired up,
that meant it was time for the "game"!
And finally time to use the run-out 
sign that he and Hadlee had created:)
Time for THE Run-Out!!!!!!!!!
Here he comes!!!!!!!!!!!
Here comes our favorite player!!!
Except he couldn't quite get the sign to 
break through!  We were all laughing so hard.
I literally had tears rolling down my face:)
GaME TiMe!!!!!!!!!!!
We love our #5!!!
He was on fire!!!
Touchdown after Touchdown!
His Biggest Fan...
Hadlee is his cheerleader, his coach,
his teammate and sometimes his opponent;)
Such a cutie:)
He told me a player was injured;)
Such an awesome game!!!
I love these two SO much!!!
#5 is a total STUD!
AND the cutest thing EVER.
I could just eat him up!  
Awesome Win, #5!!!
You are something else.  I couldn't
imagine life without YOU!!!!!!

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