Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Haley's 16th Birthday!

This girl (:
She's my sweet, sweet other daughter...
my precious friend....
Hadlee's favorite person...
and my student:)
She truly has brought so much 
love and joy to our lives.
Totally didn't expect this or plan for this...
But can't imagine our lives without her!
Haley has amazing parents who have
become our dear friends...
I'm thankful that they share her with us!  :)
I love having an extra daughter!  
And even better, Hadlee 
loves having a "sister"!  
I love that Hadlee has Haley to 
look up to, talk to, and love!  
They are CRaZY about each other
and I love it!!!
Our girl turned 16 in February!!!
I thought the words to this card were perfect...
Since her life is so busy with softball
and such, they have postponed her
Sweet 16 celebration (she got a car for
her birthday though!!!).  We love that
she can drive over anytime now.
Troy made steaks one night so 
we could celebrate with her.  
Speaking of, Troy loves her like his own, too!
Happy Sweet 16 Haley Girl!
This girl has one of the kindest
spirits I've ever known.  I have yet
to hear her say something ugly/negative
 about ANYONE.  There are NOT many 
people I could say that about.
She is mature, grounded,
and has a deep love for the Lord.
I'm blessed to know her and 
have her in my life.  

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