Monday, March 9, 2015

Our Hudson

I can't even imagine our lives
without Hudson Jack Pierce.
He is SO into football these days...
especially Aggie and/or Midway football.  
He watches the Midway highlights 
video ALL.the.TIME!!!!!!!!!
I opened his iTouch the other 
day to find THIS picture as his screen saver;)
He might think he's a big time football
player, but he still loves to drink 
his milk in his sippy cup!!!
(warmed up in the microwave
for 45 seconds of course!!!)
Maybe that milk is why he's such
a big studly five year old football player:)
Doing an Aggie run-out (:
Thankfully, he's got some smarts, too;)
He is very into writing out words,
asking about letters and numbers
AND keeping a journal!  
ReD Day for the American Heart
Association.  Of course he chose 
his red Midway jersey...which actually
used to be Walker's.  Walker wore
it at the exact same age:)
Huds went to his first birthday party 
that he was invited to by one of HiS
friends ~ Peyton, a boy he played tball 
with last year....
He had an awesome time!!!!!!!!!!!
Precious Julia was there, too:)
Happy Birthday, Peyton:)
Hudson absolutely adores 
anything and everything about
Baby Bax.  It's so sweet!!!
AND he is also VERY into
Mrs. Janice's new house that is
being built!!!!!!!!!!
And of course he loves everything
about being with Mrs. Janice
and Adrienne.  He is going to miss
them soooooooo much next year.
I can't even stand to think about it :(
Recently Walker pulled out his 
Crocodile Hunter shirt that we ordered
for him from the Australian Zoo
so he could be Steve Irwin;)
For a few days, I thought Hudson
was going to go down the snake/
crocodile phase like Walker did;)
He texts and face times me from 
the other room all the time...
I absolutely love it.  
He really is pure love and joy.  
I am so lucky to be his mommy.
Especially when he comes running
in from outside to give me a 
flower he picked.  He is my heart.
Mommy loves you, Hudson.  

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