Thursday, April 2, 2015

Valentine's Proposal

One day I was standing in line at the store
when I heard the sweetest little words, 
"Will you marry me?"
I turned around to see Hudson standing
there holding this ring!!!
I have no idea where he found it,
but it was just a moment.
A moment in time that I'll treasure
forever.  The others in line and the 
sales clerk just about melted right
then and there. It was priceless!
Of course I bought the ring!!!
 How am I blessed
with this sweet of a little boy?
My heart truly over flows
with love for him and his heart.  
Love comes in all sizes, shapes, and ways.
I know I won't always be the one he 
wants to marry...but I do already
pray for the young lady
who will win his heart someday.
AND for her sake, I hope
he still likes BiG rings!  ;)

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