Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Last Swarm Game!!!!!!

It has been another awesome
year on the SWARM for 
our entire family:)
Hadlee insisted on putting together
treat bags for the boys again.
She's so thoughtful and I just 
have to say yes to her projects like this!
Last Game for the SWARM!!!!!!
Their precious CHeeRLeaDeR!!!!!
We were playing some BiG
boys that last game!!!
I love what Coach H wrote to all of us
after the last game:
"The SWARM started five years ago as a 
way to schedule practices for multiple 
sports.  It transpired into a group of boys
that competed like gladiators that merely 
enjoyed playing the game of basketball.  We 
competed against some of the best
and enjoyed successes and failures over
the years.  The families could not have
been better.  No matter the score,
The SWARM family, including
numerous grandparents, was always
loud and proud about their kids
competing on the floor.  Thank you!
Today was an emotional day, as the journey
came to an end.  I am honored
to have coached this great group of 
boys who are all athletes and will grow
to be successful men.  
Thank you to the families and the 
boys for making today a day 
to remember for the rest of 
my life!  Way to go, SWARM!"
Ryan, Walker, Jeb, Cort
Garrett, Peyton, Zach, Matthew
Thankful that Reid came
out to watch their last game...
Right after this picture, Hudson
asked them to take a selfie with him;)
Of course they obliged!!!
They ALL love Hudson!
We had our end of season party
at Poppa Rollo's!  
We had these and gift certificates
 to give to the coaches...
We are so thankful to Coach H for 
giving Walker and our family 
this opportunity.  It's been a
really fun run!  Walker learned
a lot.  He loved and looked forward
to being on the SWARM each season.  
Troy and I are so thankful for
men like Brian and Chad who
take the time and give so much to our son.  
Coach got choked up!
Team Hug!!!!!!!!!!!
I love all these boys!
PRouD of our BoY!!!!!
#55 has my heart!  
Awesome Run, SWARM!!!!!!!

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