Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hudson's PE Show/Spring Open House!

Hudson's Kindergarten Spring PE Show!!!!!!
Our Little ATHLETE!!!!
He followed every last 
direction to a T!
Daddy was director of the little 
league field that night since he's on 
the board....but he escaped for 
Hudson's show right quick!!!
Hadlee was so excited to see 
this sweet teacher!  She misses 
her so, so much this year!!!
I'm so thankful that Hudson had her!
AND of course we LOVE
Mrs. Schaefer!  She is amazing.  
Then to the classroom...
I loved seeing what Hudson had
created on his iPad!!!!!!!!
Of course Hudson's story was about sports!!!
The emd!  ;)
His journal ~ which was precious ~
was also pretty much all about sports! ;)
We couldn't love or be more
thankful for the most wonderful
kindergarten teacher 
there ever is or was!!!
Then it was upstairs to see Hadlee's
stuff!!!!!!!!  All about Hadlee....
Her iPad story was AWESOME, too!
She has MY vote!!!!!!!!!!!!
South Bosque is such a happy place
for all three of my kids.
I'm so thankful for that. (:
From my youngest to my oldest...
My heart could NOT be more full!!!

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