Monday, November 14, 2016

Hudson's Baylor Night!!!

This was too cool!!!!
Hudson's little league team got
invited to be the guests of
the Baylor Baseball Team one night!
Grandmother couldn't miss this!!!
Huds was a little worried
over the "Baylor" thing...but he 
embraced it and I was so proud!!!
Walker would not have been as cool.  
ha ha!  Walker actually had STORM
practice and therefore couldn't 
miss.  Nice timing for him;)
Sister was supportive although
I couldn't get her to wear a Baylor shirt:(
Such a cute team!!!!!!!!
Troy struggled.  I mean seriously!  ha!
He threw on the shirt right before
we went in...but the strugggle 
really was real.  Aggie blood 
 runs so deep and so maroon.  ;)
Mother & I were loving it!!!!!
Each boy got a player to be 
announced with...
What an awesome experience!!!
Hudson ran out with the first baseman!
Dream Big, Son!
So excited!
A new signed ball for his collection!!!
This was Hudson's player...
What did Hadlee like the most?!?
The concession stand!!!!!!!!!!
Such a cute team!!!!
She could be a Baylor Girl,
But probably not.  
I love this kid so much!!!!!!!!!!
Go Bears!  Go Hudson!
Huds had a blast!!!!!!!!!
Sweet boy so proud of his signed ball...
ME?  So proud of him......
Awesome evening at the Baylor Ball Park!

I just had to drive them by 
the Green Hizow!
It looks so awesome now.  
Some of my best memories in that
very house!!!!!!!!!!
A Magnolia drive-by, too.....
We love our Waco Town!!!!!!!!!
A few shirts for my God Daughters
in Cali were also in order!!!!!
Fun night :)

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