Sunday, November 27, 2016

Prom 2016

Missing Trey's long arm to take our selfies!!!  :)

My GORGEOUS Haley Girl!!!!!!!!!
(She had taken off her shoes and mine were tall!)
Two of my faves.........
Hales & Georgia
Betsy & Reagan 
AHHHH my Kyndal!
Too grown up and beautiful...
I drive this sweet girl to school
everyday. Such a blessing to me! 
I love ZAYE!
The girls looked so beautiful!!!!!!!!!
Isaac & Kate
Mo Money and Payton
I just love this young lady so much!!!!!!;)
Valentina & Jay
Molly & Josh
Jake & Jordan....
all of these couples make up my
10th grade Pre-AP classes from
two years ago.  I adore
this graduating class!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look who made the TRiB!!!!!!!!

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