Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dad Days ~ April

Our days at Wesley Woods with 
Dad continue on..........
"We had an extraordinary life ...
but the other side of the coin is that
it makes it harder.
There are so many memories that 
I can no longer share, 
which makes it very difficult.
When it comes right down to it, 
you're in it alone.
Each day is different,
and you get up, put one foot
in front of the other, and go --
and love;  just love."
Excerpt from Nancy Reagan
(I think from Thrown from Horse)
Mrs. Nancy Reagan's words 
are spot on.  My heart has broken 
for my mother.  These two 
were everything to each other.
The good, the bad, the everything.
It's been an amazing example
to watch my mother.  
My hot and hilarious sisters
have been amazing as well!!!!!!!!!
We continue to do our "shifts"
and try to relieve our mother as 
often as we possibly can.
We stay until the aids put him to bed.
We kiss him and tell him goodnight.
Deep down, he knows we are there
and who we are.  
Mrs. Reagan also describes
the "looks" of Alzheimer's patients...
and she is SO right.  
They start out fearful
and then it turns to lost.  
We love him so much.  
His routine is that they try to 
keep him up after breakfast, then 
he eats lunch with one of us,
then they put him in his chair 
for an afternoon nap.  We leave
when he's asleep.  Then one of us
returns for dinner and they get him 
up for that.  We sit with him 
in the dining room after we 
help feed him or we go to the 
end of the hall to the windows and look
outside or try to watch something
on TV with him.  Often it's also
just watching the other patients.
It's quite a sight.  
Sometimes we call it the ZOO!
Then the aids change him and 
put him to bed after his night
He is completely dependent 
on someone - to walk, to eat,
to be changed, etc.  
Through these doors.........
a world I still can't believe exists.  
Dad is definitely most content
with our sweet mama right there.  
She keeps him the best dressed
at Wesley Woods!  :)
He still looks SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!
His usual table friends....
Mrs. Rochelle, Jim, Otto.  
One of the most difficult things is 
that Dad hardly says a word.
He was the most talkative, funny,
man...and now, he's silent. :(
We can't take anything for 
granted in this life.
What we'd give for one of his 
long stories now.  
Bobbie and Adelle.  We love them ALL!
Adelle is our favorite:)
My sisters and I fight over her.  
May God bless their souls.  
Hadlee's Birthday....
Hadlee was the last light 
in my dad's world....
We will love love love him
through every stage of this disease!!!
I love this selfie with Sweet Michelle:)

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