Sunday, November 13, 2016

Travis Lately

God bless this guy!!!!!!
Oh please, God, bless him!!!!!!!!!!!
I think back to the way my parents
took care of him when he was in Austin
at Texas Neuro.  Lynna had to work
during the week so they spent
their weeks in Austin staying in a 
trailer, sitting by Trav's side all
day long, going to therapies with him,
making friends with the staff
and other patients and families.
Looking back, my dad's health
was beginning to decline at that time.
But there they were.
Now, Travis giving back.............
it amazes me.  
Baylor Speech!!!!!
Travis is still making progress.
This is a miracle in itself.
I mean a HUGE miracle.  
It's just awesome.
Look at this handsome young man!!!!!
He is amazing. 
Trav's birthday in January....
These two.  
I couldn't love them more.  
We passed the six year anniversary date
on July 25, 2016.  
I'll never as long as I live get over this.  
My post from the year before still holds true.  

Another awesome semester of Baylor
Speech.  His therapists have
been outstanding!!!
Honestly nobody has a clue what
this guy goes through every single day.
Life is so very difficult and people
lose sight of that.  It's difficult
for him and his mom and dad and brother.
I wish people truly knew.
And there are many, many, many ~
way too many ~ who have difficult
lives, much more difficult than Trav's.
Life is so hard for some.
Life can change for any of us
at any second.  
I'm sick and tired of hearing
the "at least's" that people will 
sometimes say.  We all need to 
take that out of our vocabulary - 
we all use it, until it hits close to our
own or ourselves.  "I know his life
is tough, but at least he's alive."
That's not cool to say.
He is and we are thankful he's alive...
more than ANY person could
ever imagine and we don't take 
it for granted.  AT ALL.
But that doesn't make his life any easier.
He's lonely, he struggles 
for/with everything he does, he 
KNOWS all that he is missing out
on in life.  It's not fair at all.
For the few who still read this,
please pray with me for someone
to come along - a companion, a true
friend, someone close to his age.
Travis is awesome.  He's a fighter.
He's a miracle.  
He needs someone though.
We pray for his story to continue
to impact our world, to show Jesus
and the power of prayer but we
also pray big time for Trav's contentment.  
Just a late night in the ER
getting his feeding tube replaced.
All smiles, of course.  

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