Monday, November 28, 2016

Hadlee's 4th Grade Field Day!

Ready for 4th Grade Track and Field Day!!!
I love this adorable little girl SO much!!!!!!
Cadence, Lily, Hadlee, Jersi ~
so fun that they were all together this year!
Fun relay events....
Time for the SPRINT RELAY!!!!!
This is the BiGGeST event of the day!
Lily was LEAD OFF Runner....
Lily did awesome!
Hadlee was the THIRD leg....
so she had the far straight away!!!!!!
Big White Bow Girl UP NEXT! 
The kids go crazy during this race
and the boys' sprint relay.....
When the hand off happened,
our team was behind.....
BUT NOT FOR LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know where this comes from,
but our girl ROCKS it on the sprint relay!!!
The very same child who wants NOTHING
to do with a sport whatsoever....
and pretty much only runs competitively
ONCE a year at this event...
She shocked everyone and got us 
back IN THE LEAD!!!!!!!!
It was CRAZY and the crowd went WiLD!!!!!!!!!!
That's OUR GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Jersi Girl was the anchor and finished
 us off equally STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Jersi Girl Go!!!!!!!!!
We won BiG!!!!!!!!!!
That's Mrs. Cates running to embrace the team!!!!
Hugging Hadlee!!!!!!!!!!
It was such an exciting event!!!!!!!
Haley had to show the love, too!!!
Cates' Cavaliers
Sprint Relay Team
and a sweet supporter from the class!!!
~Way to Go, Girls~
Hadlee, Jersi, Lily, Tatianna
It was so fun that Haley
got to work this field day with PALS.
PROUD Sprint Relay Mamas!
Such a super fun day!
Sweet Girl, you have SUCH heart!!!
We couldn't be more proud of you!
These two ~
 their third field day together!
Precious Cadence! 
Next up was Tug-O-War!!!!!!
Victory is SWEET!
Class of 2024
We couldn't let this field day 
go by without a picture
of Cannon & Hadlee!
Waiting for the Results......
Cates' Cavaliers FOR THE WIN!!!!
First Place!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They were SO excited!!!!!!!
LOVE these!!!!!!
Way to Go!!!!!!!!!
Cates' Cavaliers are #1!!!!!!!
LOVE you, Sweet Girl!❤

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