Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hadlee at Ten!

This little girl at TEN
is PuRE JOY!!!!
Celebrating her birthday at DANCE!!!
Just a little bit of personality;)
She loves her dance company 
friends SO much!!!  :)

Mrs. Neuhaus asked Mrs. Cates
if she had anyone who could
read/tutor a little boy.
Hadlee did this every week
all year and LOVED it.
She has a servant's heart...
and she wants nothing more
than to be a teacher!!!!
She has blossomed this year 
and has so many sweet friends!!!!!!!!!
Hadlee is so much fun and
she has a blast with her precious friends!
What am I going to do with my TEN year old?!?
I love her so much!!!!
She's a HOOT!
And the cutest thing around! :)
Thank you, Sweet Jesus,
for this little girl of mine.
I'll never get over the honor
of getting to be her mom!  
Happy Birthday, Hadlee!  
May all your wishes come true:)

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