Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Room Make Overs

The Barkleys and the Pierces
played a little furniture swap
at the spur of the moment.  
First off it was time to say good bye 
to the bunk beds.....
They went to Hank.  
Walker really needed a big bed
for his long growing body!!!  ;)
His room is still a work in progress.....
he's not the easiest to please.
Out with the camo:(
He wanted 
He is even fighting me on the cute
football throw pillow!!!!!!
Kate shared her furniture with Hadlee.
Cleaning out Hadlee's room was
a BIG.HuGE.TeRRiBLE job!  ha ha!
I forced her to get rid of A LOT!!!!!
The result was THiS.....
It turned out PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!
Kate was so sweet to share 
so much with Hadlee (:
We still have a little 
American Girl corner. 
I'm so glad for that:)
Grammo's beautitful dresser!  
But look who I found in there
after his bath!!!  ha ha!
Silly, sweet boy!
Next thing I knew all three were 
in the "new room"!!!  
This makes me so happy.......

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