Tuesday, November 22, 2016

April 2016

April pretty much = Baseball & BUSY
But the best busy EVER :)
THE best bunt!!!
Little League for the first time!!!
With the cutest coach!
LOTS of independent practice!!!!!!
Sweet Girl is always practicing, too!!!!
The sun and my two H's = a happy MAMA!
My two H's doing what they love!!!
My Big Boy is BUSY.
He's such a great kid.
Dropping him off at MMS......
I'm so nostalgic!
Sister is pumped for her 
upcoming dance recital! 
Six dances this year!!!!!!!
She is such a dancer at heart!
Like father, like son...
he has learned if he really wants
something, then the way to 
mommy's heart is playing with her hair!
He is THE sweetest!
Regional Choir for Walker
Sweet new friends from dance!
We love Abby!!!
Cold Chillin' as we like to say:)
Practice Practice Practice
Ella and Hadlee are two peas in a pod!
(Mrs. Decker sent this to me one
day...Huds on a "fake phone" in class!)
(Kelli sent me this of Hazel in the
Superman onesie...third precious
girl to wear it in honor of 
our Superman!!!!!)
Practice Makes Perfect
Split Jump all by herself, 
center stage,
in one of the dances!!!!!!!!!!
My Lily Girl in Class!!!!!!!
Field Trip to the
The WasteLands!!!!!!!!!
She's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!
MCC Baseball Game with Dad!
Coach Dillon hooked Huds up
with some autographs!!!!!!!
Fun Times
Always with these three crazies!!!!!!!
My wild seventh period!!!!!!!!!!!
Did I mention how driven this
kid is?!?  He is extremely 
It amazes me!
Sweet Gift for Mrs. Whitehead...
Hudson's precious intern!
She was VERY special!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU GO, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!
I never know what my 7th
period will be up to....
This day it was TALL BOY
in my jacket;) 
Logan received an award at MCC
for being the Outstanding Student
in Media Communications!
He was only one of two who 
received such an award!!!!!!!!!
Mr. V reading to Mrs. Neuhaus's class! 
Austin is always up to something!!!!!!
Such a great kid...
who keeps me on his toes!
It's a good thing I love his mama so much;)
Baby Chicks in Mrs. Decker's Class!!!
My Favorite Teenager!  
Mike & Troy...two peas in a pod!
Gayla sent me this one night when 
I was with my dad and she had 
to handle Troy and my crew;)
LOVE seeing my girl on Twitter!!!!!
But it's almost time for MAY!!!!!

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