Monday, October 31, 2016

Grandma Robinett

On March 13, 2016, our beloved
Great Grandma Pierce met Jesus.  
We headed that way to celebrate
her life with our family.  
The Robinett Rebels needed each other:)
Precious little cousins all
together for Great Grandma Robinett!
Grandma Pierce is the matriarch 
of this family.  She is SO VERY loved
and SO VERY admired by me:)
Brandy had made an awesome video
and then the little girl cousins
made a video during the visitation.
It was precious and we all gathered
around PaPa at the end to watch
the girls' Robinett Rebel video.  
It was so precious and funny
and made us ALL laugh!!!
Later that evening at Aunt Cindy's
I found this boy crashed on all of our stuff;)
Lining up to leave for the 
funeral the next morning...........
It was a beautiful day...
...and a precious service at their little church.
God bless Grandpa Robinett.
He had just lost the love of his life
of 73 years.  He was so sweet and 
lost that day :(
I absolutely loved that they covered
her coffin with the beautiful
quilt the church ladies had made for her.  
So thankful to have known and loved
Grandma Robinett.  
Jack came in from New Mexico.  
It was a sweet day and I know
Grandma Robinett was smiling from above.  
She loved her family together.  
Our lives are better because of 
our sweet Grandma Robinett...  
that my children have experienced
and been loved by BOTH of their
Great Grandmothers!!!
After the luncheon at the church,
Brother Hudson took the pulpit;)
LOVE that all these cousins have each other!
I can only imagine that nothing
would have made Great Grandma Robinett
happier than to see all these 
sweet cousins celebrating
her life and love....
She loved us ALL so very well!!!
One of the things I have always loved about my husband is his love for his grandparents, and I treasure his stories about Grandma Robinett in particular and all that she was to him growing up. I married into a family with MANY grandchildren and great grandchildren. I knew it couldn't possibly be true, but I always felt Grandma Robinett loved me just like she loved all of her own...equally and as unconditionally as one can on earth. This woman put God, her husband of 73 years, her children and her entire family above all else and taught us to be kind. She was quite possibly the kindest, most gentle soul I've ever known. We will miss her so much. I am confident she entered the gates of Heaven yesterday and heard the Lord say, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." I am so thankful that my children and I had the opportunity to know and love this sweet woman!    

She always, always asked me about Travis
and my family.  I loved sitting and talking with her.
Troy absolutely ADORED her...
and I did, too.
She exemplified how a grandmother should be.  
There are so many in our family, 
yet she loved each of us and cared
deeply for every single one of us.  
SUCH an example:)
She and Hudson share the same birthday.
That is SO VERY special to us!!!!!
Plus she was SO MUCH FUN!!!!
She never wanted to miss out on anything:)
Grandma and Grandpa Robinett ~
 the HEART of this family
and all their children!
We will never forget how blessed
we were to know and love
our Great Grandma Robinett!
Our last Christmas with this amazing lady...
We will always love and
remember you, 
Grandma Robinett!

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