Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Spring This and That

Why, YES!
Sister needed a St. Patric's Day TU TU!!!
Hudson's sweet class made
this for Hadlee when she was sick!
Watching Walker throw the DiSCuS =
Two peas in a pod! (:
Sports.  All Day.  Everyday.  
Gotta love my boy's Snapchat!
See what I mean about the sports.  
All Day.
THE DRAFT!!!!!!!!!!
With an ADORABLE Hostess :)

Dancing with the Stars
Competition at home..............
Huds and I were the competition
and Walker was the judge.  
Needless to say, Huds and I lost!  ;(
Spring Little League!!!!!!!
Hudson now practicing at the
Miller's Field!!!
This girl loves to shop!
For herself;)
My fave class :)
Dinner Date with Grandmother!!!
Kelli K sent me the cutest
PONCHO for my birthday!!!
HAD to model it for her!!!!!
SHOW TIME!!!!!!!!!!
PaPa Jack was visiting from 
New Mexico and he loved this!!!
Sister loves to put on a show!!!
Finally, his turn!!!
SO excited for his first baseball practice!
First year of Coach Pitch!!!
Baseball Ready!
So stinkin' cute in their
ORIOLES practice uniforms!!!
He's waited a LONG time for his turn!
It's actually so fun to be 
back with this view! :)
God is Good!
Selfies for the WIN (:
My boys love them some Steph Curry!
I swear my little guy is the cutest
thing in the world to me!
I can't get enough of my big 
boy playing STORM ball either!!!
And seriously, when did my girl
turn into a TEENAGER?!?
This crew CRACKS me UP
with their antics!!!!
Late nights with our baseball fam!
Golf for A&M?
Sure, why not?
Another round of Dancing 
with the Stars ~ Haddie/Daddy style!
Handsome Hubs
My heart and soul...
Sister Child loves her some ice cream
after school!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peppermint search for my 
STAAR testers!!!!!!!!!
Do NOT Disturb.  
I technically believe this is
when the girlfriend situation went
down hill!  lol!  
Although Walker did say he told
this bunch that he didn't want to 
take this picture!!!  ha ha!
I still love the sight of my
 sleeping babies....
These boys play hard and sleep hard.
......while Mama prays hard!  

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