Saturday, October 15, 2016

Easily Amused! (:

One weekend night, we had a house full
and nobody could agree on where to eat.
So the MaLL FooD CouRT it was!
 But not without several stops
within our beloved 
Richland Fashion Mall...
 Obviously, first up was....
 The ESCALATOR in Sears!!!!!!!!
 This crew of Macy, Kyle, Drew,
Walker, Hadlee & Hudson are a hoot!
Troy and I were cracking up 
at their antics and their excitement!
 I love Walker and all of his buddies!
 And these two......
 They are THE sweetest!!!
 We had so much fun!!!
Apparently I am pretty easily
amused myself....
 Because I was so excited to 
wear my new birthday rain boots!
Love the BABY BLUE!!!! :)

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