Saturday, October 22, 2016

Easter Parties 2016

Bestill my ever lovin' heart...
this kid is my love child!!!!!!!!
Kindergarten Easter Egg Hunt
at South Bosque Elementary!
Griffin, Huds, Grayson
And Miles!
SUCH a precious class!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haddie Belle!!!!!!!!!
Such a special afternoon!!!!
Room Mom! 
Love you, too, Griffin!
THE cutest(:
I am SO thankful for my new,
dear friend, Kimberly!
AND our love for the sweet Hattie Belle
and her mama!  We just had to send
her this pic!!!!!!!!!
A best bud for my boy in 
kindergarten...I'm so thankful!!!!
Meanwhile upstairs in the 4th grade,
I found these cutie pies!!!!!!!!
I'm so thankful that my girl
has this little group!  
My Littles, My H's....
My HeaRT!
Easter Holiday, Here We Are!!!!!
Hadlee's plans!!!  ha ha!

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