Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dad Days ~ March into April

Sweet Aunt JoAnn continues to make
her visits and they mean so much.  
This is so hard for
W, H & H to understand :(
Hard for me, too :(
I love you so much, Dad.  
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Sweetest, most faithful
parents in the world.!
We have become a little more accustomed
to life at Wesley Woods.  
Trying to anyways....
It's all about the shift work...
with my mother taking the MOST 
shifts of all.  God bless her.  
We haven't and don't plan to ever
have a day go by that we aren't 
with our Dad.  For now, it's meal times
until nap time and bed time.  
If only we could publish the group 
text between my mother, sisters and me. 
Oh the crazy stories it would tell....
Charles was always wearing
Troy's shirts....
This man went down hill fast.
We first met him in Mexia
and then he showed up at
WW.  He got really bad and had
to be moved to another facility.  
These poor souls...we wonder
what happened to him.  :(
Sweet Dad's schedule consists of being
put in his chair after his lunch,
and being tucked in for an 
afternoon nap:)
PRECIOUS, oh so precious, 
Mary B!!!!!!!!!
We love this little lady so much.  
She is holding onto Charles
and singing, "You are my Sunshine."
God bless her sweet soul.  
Nobody is safe from THE sistah group text;)
If I could give anyone advice
in regards to Alzheimer's Disease,
it would be the following:
1.  Go see what it's like.  You won't believe 
it and it will kill your soul.
Be aware.  If not for this disease,
another one.  Help people.
2.  Research and do whatever it
takes to avoid this disease for yourself
and your loved your
aging parents.  No, there isn't a CURE
or a REMEDY, yet; but we must find one
and try everything.  NOBODY 
deserves to live and suffer like this.
NOBODY would ever want to.  
3.  When you know someone is going
through this with a loved one
although you know there is no
hope, STILL ask about him or her.
In my case, it's my DAD.
My sweet, sweet Dad.  

These excerpts from Nancy's Reagan's 
book about President Reagan's 
battle with Alzheimer's are
Face Timing with our Huds...
Jim and Dad
The Professor and the Human
Resources Director...
this disease doesn't discriminate.  
Dad & Joy...
With two of our very best...
Detra & Tereetha!
Thank God for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maureen, God love her, 
was mean to everyone but ME!
And I loved her!!!
She moved to a different facility out of town.  
Stopping by the Woods...
Tears when he saw Hadlee & Hudson.
Those  moments.  You just have to 
wonder if the tears are a result from 
momentary seconds of memory:(
Easter Sunday Visit...
Our church gave out Easter Lillies
to deliver to special people...
Blessed (:
And loved by the best (:
Family is everything!!!
Gorgeous Auntie Lynna!
Love these two so very much!
Not our ideal Easter family photo,
but that's okay! 
Later that afternoon, we gathered
many of our favorites at the end of 
Dad's hall and someone VERY special
put on a show for them.......
Hadlee was AWESOME!!!!!!
It was awesome!!!!!!
Everyone loved it:)
After the show, Bobbie insisted
that Mother play the piano!  ha ha!
God bless this little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grandmother was so very proud
and thankful:)
Deep, deep down I know this man
feels our love and knows us (:
After all, this is the little girl
who stole PaPa's heart from ME;)
Dear PaPa,
Dementia got inside your brain.
Your personality is no longer the same.
We know it's not you when you shout
and lash out.
We're here for you forever without a doubt.
It's hard to see you filled with so much anger
when only 18 months ago 
you had moves like Jagger!
When you tell us that you've lost  your mind,
it hurts so much, I could curl up and cry.
Don't you worry we know 
it's not your fault.  
Dementia took over,
I'd call it assault!
We know behind that vacant look
there's a very special gentleman dementia took.  
We'll hold your hand and keep you safe.
Dementia won't beat this family
 that's no mistake!
You've looked after your family
and friends your whole life through.  
And now it's our honor and duty
to do the very same for you.  
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