Thursday, October 20, 2016

More March 2K16

We are ALWAYS, always on the GO!!!!!!!!
But I wouldn't have it any other way
because it means my kids are ACTIVE:)
But sometimes.  
Just sometimes (;
Face Timing from Wesley Woods...
Most importantly in March,
we celebrated the life and love
of our beloved Grandma Robinett.
It hurt our hearts to say goodbye...
but what a lady!  The BeST.
Now she's with Jesus:)

Me and my mocha latte vente grande
green tea coffee.............
Spring is Spring-ing!!!!!!!!!!
3 Spoons with our FAVES:)
Such a special day:)
Kindergarten plus all his many, many
sports can be EXHauSTiNG!  
God bless my students taking 
the STAAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
True Love.  
The lone desk in honor of Peyton
who moved :(
7th Period.  Oh 7th Period.  
Come on, SUMMER TIME!!!!!!!!!!
Practicing ALL the time!
On his own!!!!!!!!!
Coach Walker ;)
Thank the Good Lord for my girl!
I absolutely LOVE shopping with and for her!
Car load of BOYS!  I'll take it:)

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