Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sister and her Friends

This girl is growing up way too fast:(
But along the way she is making
such sweet friends and
I couldn't be happier for her!
Ann Marie & She = LOVE!
Little Haley (;
These two don't stand a chance
with the boys in their lives!!!
Twinning is Winning (:
Random Sunday afternoon play date
is well worth planning the matching
outfit...right down to the bandage on 
their ankles!!!!!!!!!!
Macy & Hadlee = Besties
Hads, Haley, Ella
She loves her some Jersi Girl
and Lilly Bug!!!!!!!!!!!
I know that girl drama is not far from my little
girl's future and I dread it! Absolutely 
dread it because I love Hadlee's
sweet, little innocent heart.
I am so blessed in the friend 
department and my prayer is that for her, too!

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