Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Showcase of Stars REVEAL!!!

It is the BEST feeling when you receive
a SHOWCASE OF STARS Invitation!!!
Then you spend weeks and weeks wondering
who chose you for such an amazing honor!

Midway does this up right...
the top 50 students get to choose
their most influential teacher to honor
at the Showcase of Stars Event.  
The only downside to this is that unless
 you teach the TOP students, 
you might not ever get chosen.  
I just happen to have taught Pre-AP
two years ago so I knew it was
someone from one of those English
classes that I taught.  
When I showed up for the 
BIG REVEAL, the lady in charge
told me to say my student's name
pretty quickly so that way she will
know that I did remember my 
student's name.  I guess this has
happened before.  Well, when I walked
in there was no wondering if I knew
my student's name...I screamed 
JAKE!!!!!!!!!!!  This young man was
one of my very favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so surprised and honored
that he chose ME!!!!!!!!!!!
He and his sweet mom even had
beautiful flowers for me:)
Jake was also so proud to tell me that
day that he had officially chosen 
A&M and that he was an invited 
walk-on to the football team.  
This event is so fun!  I loved seeing
some of my other favorite former students
and the teachers they chose.  
Next is waiting for the 
big event in May!!!!!!!!!!!

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