Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hadlee Dancing At Wesley Woods

This was just so special. 
Hadlee dancing for her PaPa and 
the fellow patients at Wesley Woods.
I was so proud of her!!!!!!!!!
Her precious little heart just shines:)
Adelle, Mary B, Charles, Irene, Dad,
Mrs. Tanner, Bobbie, Joy (with her daughter
Gayla).....they all seemed to enjoy it!
Travis, Lynna and Grandmother
especially loved it!
Afterwards, Bobbie insisted
that one of us play the piano!  
Grandmother did!
Little Girl, 
it's not just us that you bring
so much JOY to and we 
love you for that.  
Sweet Girl,
Try to always do for others.
It's what God calls us to do.
Brightening these patients' day
was such a sweet gift to give
to these sad and lost souls.
Especially for your PaPa!!!
He loves you so.....
it is hard to understand him 
not knowing you anymore ~
this is one of life's toughest diseases.
But you will grow up with an 
awareness that many don't have. 
Use it to your advantage all the days
of your life and never forget it. 
And by the way,
you are/were the apple of 
your PaPa's eyes...I know that 
because you stole that role from ME!;)
Deep down, he loves you so 
and could never not truly know you.  

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