Friday, January 6, 2017

Orioles Baseball!!!

Go Orioles!!!!!
Hadlee made this sign for the team:)
It was a fun season!!!!
I love this little SLUGGER!!!!!!!!!
I could just eat him up!!!!!!!!!!!!
He can HIT!!!!!!!!
Be still my EVER LOVIN' heart.  
Coach Dunning with the boys!
One of the moms had an awesome camera
and loved doing photography.  
She got some awesome shots for us all season.  
#5 and his cute little bottom in baseball pants!  ha!
More practice at the Miller's Field...
I love this view:)
Pep Talk from Big Brother...
Big Bro was all about the pep 
talk at every bat...
I love it!!!!!!!!!!!
Proud Grandmother...
Proud Aunt & Cousin, too!
Even Mrs. Decker came!!!!!!!!
She's the best:)
Griffin's team vs. Hudson's team!
We celebrated at Chuys!
 Hunter B came, too!!!
Run, Hudson, Run
Playing Pitcher...
My two favorite baseball players.....
He loves to HIT!
Sister gives pep talks, too!
Cute third base coach ;)
Way to Go, Cute Orioles!
Precious Team!!!!!!
Some more awesome action shots....
Team Pics...

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