Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hudson's Field Day!

Hudson's Kindergarten Field Day
was an AWESOME day!!!!!!!
ANY day with this kid is 
awesome because he's just so 
sweet and fun and precious.  
He's a competitor through and through!!!
Hudson is tall for his age!;)
He's actually right smack dab
in the middle as far as his age 
since he's a January birthday.  
He's my tall, blond, blue eyed boy:)
My Faves:)
Time to RACE!
Some 4th graders spotted their 
favorite kid in kindergarten!!!
He is LOVED!!!!!!
Time to HOP!!!!!!!!!!
He loves any and all things BOY,
sports and outside!!!!!!!
Sister loves Hattie Belle, too!
I could never, EVER thank the 
Good Lord enough for this 
precious little angel.  
We love him so much!!!!!!
Way to go, Big Huds!!!!!!!

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