Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This May (2016)

Let's Go, May!!!!!!
So excited to have been chosen as 
a Showcase of Stars Teacher...
Ready for my fun night:)
I love their garage antics!
Since we were in Oklahoma
for baseball on Mother's Day,
my mother came over one night 
for us to celebrate HER!!!!!!!!! 
Since I was volunTOLD to be 
STORM team mom,
I was in charge of putting together 
a basket for the auction.  
The team voted on this theme and 
I ran with it............
then I got the shingles and couldn't
attend the benefit!  ha!
My students were reading 
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
so they had to make WANTED
posters.  Some of them really 
cracked me up!!!!!!!!!
This one really made me giggle!!!
I used emoji stickers to 
help review the students!  
Meanwhile in 4th grade,
they created the setting for 
a book they were reading!!!
How cute are all of them?!?
Mrs. Cates it the BEST!!!
Walker celebrated Jonah's Birthday!
Little Man got sick :(
Poor Thing broke Mama's heart:(
Thank Goodness it was a virus
that I knew would go away...
can't imagine how Moms handle
diseases.  My prayers go out to them
especially when one of mine is sick.
You just never know.  
Hadlee celebrated one of 
her sweet bestie's birthdays!
Hadlee is so creative and thoughtful:)
Huds started to perk up
and so we pretended we got Starbucks;)
But really we got McDonald's!!!!!
He posed for me while I made
tutus for Hadlee's program!
Then he posed like THIS!!!!
I love his imagination SO MUCH!!!!!!
Dance Company Party!
Supporting our Haley Girl!
Beautiful Jordan made it into
Hadlee's school yearbook!!!!!!!
Kim & I hit up "OUR" pool!!!!!!
Good lookin' crew of 7th graders!
Cade, Walker, Garrett, Claudia, Kate Tatum, Lana
A "Performance"!!!
Chinese Fire Drill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gone Wrong!
Huds out with Daddy!!!
Resting with my Girl!
TRYING to anyways!  ;)

Teacher Appreciation Week!!!
Nothing better than their sweet
little written words!
Hadlee took so much time and thought
writing each of her teachers:)
#DreamTeam heading out for lunch
and catching students up to no good
on Hewitt Drive!!!!!!!!!!!
Macy & Hadlee's Hair Salon!!!
Straight then Curly!
This, just this.  
VERY ready for summer!!!!!
Walker & Logan
Macy, Hadlee & Halie
ALWAYS putting in WORK!!!!!!!!
I'm going to miss these 7th period kiddos!
ALWAYS in game mode!!!!!!!!
I love a full house!!!!!!!!!!!!
This silly girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This huge boy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Cates hosted a lunch book club
all year!  Hadlee loved it!!!!!!!!!
Jared in an Aggie sweatshirt
at our house!!!  He needed a hoodie
and that's the only one Walker
would let him wear!  ha ha!
My sweet girl...always brightening someone's day!
I love this.............

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