Friday, January 20, 2017


Pizazz is the BiG night for middle school choir.
I really had no idea just how big it is
until I saw the line to buy tickets!
Thankfully, I got tickets and
then I spotted this handsome young man!
Love these cute 7th grade boys!!!!!!
Ready for the SHOW!!!!!!!
Our beautiful Kate Kate performing!!!
7th Grade Boys Choir!!!!!!!!!!!
Walker is in there - in the back with the tall boys!  ha!
The choir teacher asked our boys to try
out for and perform this certain act....
and it was a RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!
Their act was hilarious and it was a 
HUGE HIT at Pizazz!!!
I still can't believe they pulled this off!
The crowd went crazy!  It was so funny!!!
Walker didn't even want to be in Pizazz 
(my silly boy!!!) but he had a blast doing this!
Awesome Job, Synchronized Swimmers!!!!!!!!!
We had a fun row!!!!!
Such a fun night!
Kate had given Hadlee some high
heeled wedges and she wore them that night!
She looked so cute, 
but too grown up!!!
Some of our "Synchronized Swimmers"!!!
Proud Grandmother!
Love all of these 7th grade guys!
Two boys in the 8th grade sang,
"I've Got You Babe" and it was hilarious!
Logan and Walker had to 
do it for us, too!!!!!!!!!
We all went to eat down town...
ohhhhh, these guys and their phones;)
YAY for these two cute girls!!!
Fun night in Waco Town!
Way to go, Walker!!!!!!
We love you!!!!!!!!!!!

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