Thursday, January 19, 2017

4th Grade Finale

The day the 4th graders can't WAIT for...
4th Grade FiNaLE!!!!!!!!
I adore these four 4th graders!
Lily, Jersi, Hadlee, Cadence
Such a FUN class with Mrs. Cates!!!
A year to remember!
My fave boy and girl in 4th grade!!!
Cool 7th grade siblings;)
Here We GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My sweet girl in a TRIO!
Hadlee's BOW makes her easy to spot!  ;)
Too dark to see but our "7th grade
Siblings" were jamming!  ha!!!!
A dancing act Hadlee was in....
It had to end with them dabbing!  ;)
Cannon's Boy Band Group was CUTE!
But the last show of the night...............
Of course "I" thought the best for last!!!!!!
Jersi, Lily, Hadlee, Cadence
We were so proud!!!!!!!!!!!  
Their act was just darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then the teachers performed which was a riot!
Mrs. Cates was precious!
Mrs. Wellborn was amazing!!!
This was her "final" FINALE!
I was in tears!  What a lady.....
fighting through cancer more than once
all the while teaching!!!!!!!!!!!
Teaching TWO of my babies in fact:)
Huds was really moved by the entire show;)
Sweet Boy
The show was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tu Tu Cuties taking a BOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Cates with her Tu Tu Cuties!
So proud of these precious girls!!!!!!!!!
We ALL loved the entire show!!!!!!!!!!
These TWO.  I love them so much!:)
Betsy Grace and Ann Marie's 
act was adorable, too!!!
Hadlee just had to do this............
I am so thankful for my dear friend
to be my daughter's teacher!!!
So many sweet friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Super fun night!
Our sister is TU TU cute!!!!!!!!!!
LOVING Mrs. Wellborn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loved that Walker got to see her, too!!!
Best music teacher in the world!!!
We love Ms. Flowers SO much!
These darling little girls were so fun
to watch that night!!!
They were off to a slumber party
at Lily's after the show!!!!!!!!!!!!

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