Saturday, January 7, 2017

How They LOVE Me!

I try my VERY hardest to keep what
I'm going through with my dad separate
from my sweet little family.  
Truthfully, I'd love to shut my life down
and focus 110% on my parents ~
they deserve it. 
But I can't and I won't.
My mom wouldn't allow it 
and I KNOW my dad wouldn't want me 
to do that either.  
I only take "shifts" at the nursing home
that don't interfere with the kids' activities,
but any free nights or time we do have
I go and spend time with my dad
and thus give my mother (and sisters) a break.  
It's hard.  
Sometimes I need a night at home,
but I just don't know how much time 
I have left with my sweet dad.
He needs my love and my sweet mom
needs breaks.  I'm often torn
and my heart feels pretty broken.  
Allllll that to say, I don't want 
my favorite four to feel it.
Obviously Troy does and he's so
kind and understanding.
I try not to talk about how sad or
hard this is to the kids, but deep down
I know they know
and I'm grateful for that.
Hopefully they will grow from this as well.  

One day I was coming home from
being at the nursing home
and this was what I saw
when I opened the garage door:
I love these crazy four with all of my being!!!
They know just how to LOVE me
when I need it most:)

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