Sunday, January 29, 2017

Showcase of Stars!!!

ANY time a student writes to me
or tells me the effect I've had on 
his or her life...well, it makes all the
difficult parts of teaching SO very 
worth it!  Teaching is my 
mission work.....I truly feel like
God put me where I am,
and I LOVE it.  
And when I get chosen
as a Showcase of Stars teacher...
well, it's just like a written note
or spoken words from a student,
but it's very public and with gifts and 
 honor and just lots of FUN!
Back in March, I found out
I had been selected by Jake Graham!!!
One of my all time faves.........
WHAT AN HONOR!!!!!!!!!!
The reveal takes place in March and 
then the dinner is in May.  
 A new dress was in order!!!!!!! :)
Unfortunately Troy was Director
on Duty at the Little League Fields 
on this night :(  I hated that he 
couldn't come this time.  
And that I had to take these cheesy
selfies of my new dress and my 
fun, hot pink heels ;)
But I made the best of it!!!(;
EVEN though under that new dress
I was covered in the SHINGLES:(
Yes, the SHINGLES.
And about to have dinner with my 
doctor and his family.  LOL.
Jake!  I just love this young man.
He is smart, kind, driven....
one of the few that I would look
at and think, "I hope Walker turns
 out to be a fine young man like him!"
Thank you, Jake!!!
The dinner and night was just lovely!
I loved being with him and his parents...
his dad just happens to be our family
doctor and his sweet mom was Walker's
FiRST ever teacher in pre-k.
They are special people to us!!!
Jake is awesome and he's A&M the football team and all.
I can't wait to see what the
 future holds for him!
He's one of those kiddos that blessed me.
The Grahams were so sweet to give
me these adorable cookies!!!!
H & H loved them!!!!!!!
At the Showcase of Stars
you are given gifts and sometimes
if you are nominated more than once, 
you get those nominations, too.  
Three of my other students from
the year I taught Pre-AP English
three years ago also nominated me.
I was SO touched and I absolutely
LOVE these kiddos as well.  
Showcase of Stars is a HUGE
perk of teaching Pre-AP/AP!  
It's the top 50 graduating seniors
that get to be honored on this night.
But Jake's nomination 
was my favorite!!!!!
So grateful:)

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