Tuesday, January 17, 2017

7 on 7

Next up on the calendar was 7 on 7!
I had no clue that Walker had even tried
out until he told me one day after 
basketball and before track
that he had "practice" after school.
I was like, "FOR WHAT?"  ha!
It was a one day tournament at our indoor facility...
They had a blast!
Huds with one of his other big brothers...
Love these guys!
We had little cheerleaders, too!  :)
Huds was playing, too! 
Kim and I had a perfect view of it 
all from our blanket!  :)
Huddy loves him some Logan!
Thankful for these awesome young men!
We couldn't forget Jaelyn!
After the tournament, we all went to eat
and then to Twin Rivers so the boys
could swim.  After they jumped in,
this is what they did!  HA!  

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