Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dad Days ~ May

May brought lots of tears for my
sweet dad:( We don't really know why.
Is it just disease?  
Is it moments of realization?
I just don't know, but it 
broke my heart every single time. :(
This song continues to speak to me.
I'm trying so hard to keep my eyes 
on the cross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh how we LOVE to see his smiles:)
That's who my dad was...
a smiling man!!!
One evening I stopped by without
my mom knowing that I was coming.
This was what I saw when I looked
down the hall.....
my parents sitting there looking
out the window.  God bless them both.
My mother is AMAZING.
A true example of a loving wife
through sickness and health.  
Adelle with her "Baby"!!!
Dad is most content with Mom there.
I love them both so much.  
Mother also keeps Dad
Best Dressed at the nursing home!!!
Dad and I visiting with Maureen.....
She was a trip!!!!!!
I loved her:)
UH OH...
The LOOK.  
A typical Saturday night
these days...and that's okay.  
Because if I try hard enough,
sometimes I get a grin or two
from my sweet dad!:)

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