Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hadlee's Dance Recital 2016

Saturday morning 
this little girl do her THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is pure LOVE!!!
And JOY!!!!
This little girl is FUN and JOY!!!!!!!
Yet serious about her thing, too!
She looks way too grown up in this costume!
She is our DELIGHT!!! :)
Hadlee McCall, I adore you!!!!!
Time for my SOLID GOLD DANCER!!!
Her split jump by herself opens this number!
It was AWESOME!  
She leads the charge on this routine!!!!
Check her OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
So proud of the confidence my girl has!
It blows me away how she is hardly
nervous and just LOVES being on stage!
Meanwhile in between her dances,
I tried to decide on which pictures to order!!!
POM Rehearsal! 
Back to my decisions............
Pom was so cute and fun!
I love these of the younger girls
watching the older girls dance.....
"Annie" from Competition
I couldn't decide!!!!!  Kept 
texting Troy and Grandmother.
We decided on ALL of them;)
I just love watching her!!!!!!!!!!
Western Time!!!!!!!!!
Isn't she a doll!!???!!!!!
Bush's after the long rehearsal!
What dancer doesn't need some 
FRieD CHiCKeN!!???!!!?  
SHOW TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hadlee's Fan Club!!!
These three have danced together
since the beginning!!!!!!
She & Avery are such sweet friends!
Hadlee said this costume was what
an old lady might wear to a funeral...
with that hat!  HA!
She was so ready!!!!!
And absolutely ADORABLE:)
For their opening number, they
came through the audience!!!
It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let's GO, Gold!!!!!!!!
I think this was my favorite costume!
Sweet Miss Mac, her PE teacher, 
came to watch again this year!!!!
These two have formed the sweetest
relationship and I am so thankful!!!!!!!
Pom Shananigans!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm such a dance mom!  ha ha!
They look like sisters!!!!
"Annie" was Awesome!
Time for my BALLERINA!
Junior Jazz Company was AWESOME!
Waiting for the FiNaLE!!!!!
We were waiting, too!!!!!!!!!!
The dance recital is Walker's
favorite night of the year!  ;)
Seven Years of Dance for Our Girl
with Mrs. Emily!!!!
My sweet little Hudson was not 
feeling good AT ALL that night.  
He was freezing and later on we 
realized he had fever:(
Daddy's Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Their love is too sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!
She's a lucky litttle girl!!!!!!!
And he's a lucky daddy:)
Big Bro!!!!!!!!
This little girl is the heart of our family!!!
Grandmother loving her girl...
it was sad for PaPa not to be there:(
This was one thing he loved!!!
Thank Goodness for Grandmother:)
Sweet, Sweet Trudi also came!
And she had flowers for Hadlee:)
Love her so much....
Gifts for our Silly Girl...
So much to celebrate with this sweet girl!
Way to Go, Hadlee McCall!
We couldn't be MORE proud
and we couldn't LOVE you more!!!!!
This was HER night!!!!!
Celebrating with dinner!
You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
I love you more than you know!!!!
Keep dancing your heart out!!!!!

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