Tuesday, January 31, 2017

End of Year ~ 4th Grade!

How in the world is this
precious little girl done with
the 4th grade?
She will be leaving our beloved
elementary school where she has
absolutely FLOURISHED!!!
I am so thankful for the staff
there that has loved her through...
her INCREDIBLE teachers,
principals and the cafeteria and 
custodial staff.  They LOVED my girl!
It takes a village and 
they have allllll been such a 
HUGE part of the village so 
far for my sweet girl!!!
Apparently Hadlee's class thinks
she's caring and friendly, too!  :)
4th Grade Bowling Party!!!!!!!!!!
What precious girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fourth is FUN!
Celebrating Midway & Summer!!!
Leaving KiNDeRGaRTeN
& Leaving FouRTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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