Thursday, December 4, 2008

OH Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree...

AHHHH...I love Christmas! We put up our tree on Sunday. Walker was soooo into decorating this year ~ Troy and I were cracking up! I was just too tired on Sunday night after Troy put on the lights to officially decorate the tree...but Walker and Hadlee were NOT! This is how our tree looked for the first day and a half...there was the Walker section:

They were SO diligent in finding all of 'their' ornaments. This was the Hadlee section...

We decorated the tree the next afternoon.
(Pics to come of that soon...gotta have lots of presents underneath her first!).

Walker had his heart set on a BLUE tree for his room!

I thought Hadlee had her heart set on a PINK one, but come to find out that was more of Mommy's heart!!!

SO, Daddy treated them to their very own Christmas trees on Monday night in the color of their choice...Miss Prissy Pie was so excited!!!

While we were putting the tree in her room, Hadlee ran off for a few minutes.
She came running back to her room with all of HER ornaments from our family tree!
I was actually quite sad to see some of the Doras, Strawberry Shortcake,
& the pretty little ballerinas leaving my tree!!!
And kudos to the Sweet Muffin...the purple tree is adorable
and looks so cute in her room!!!
Let's mosey on across the hall and see what we find...
Stud Muffin Spiderman showing off his BLUE tree!!!

This kid makes me laugh OUT LOUD every single day!!!He is such a little stinker!!!
Walker decorated his tree all by himself. He used his CARS, Thomas, and Soccer ornaments from the family tree. He also added some Ben10 characters and some little cars!

I love these two precious angels so much it hurts!!!

Merry Christmas to my two very special angels!
Thank you for the SPUNK, FUN and JOY you bring to my life!!!


Lindsay said...

We experienced the same thing with B stealing ornaments from the Big tree and taking them to her room for her little tree-a mind of their own! Their trees are perfect and the both did such a great job decorating them! I think Walker's outfit makes these pictures! Just wait until he gets married one day and you get to show that at the rehearsal dinner :) Love it!

tara @ kidz said...

Just stopping by through Daily Scoop and I'm glad I did! You have such a cute little fam and I'm totally lovin that purple tinsel tree!!!

Beck said...

SO sweet! I told Travis I wanted to get the kids smaller trees for their rooms next year and he looked at me like I was crazy! LOL, glad I am not the only one who thinks little tress for little people is a great idea! Love the purple and the blue, such a boy! and such a girl! Have a great weekend!

angie said...

Ryan just saw these pictures and said,"AAHH I want a blue tree like that!" so where did Troy find those? too cute. I love Hadlee and her personality, you can really see it shining through in these pictures:) I love Christmas too!!!

Amanda said...

You are such a rockin mama! I love their trees and I love seeing how happy they are! Totally cuuute. :)

~*~Megan~*~ said...

I love those little trees!! They did a wonderful job decorating them!! It is so crazy how both of their personalities seem to show in pictures!!! Too cute!