Friday, February 5, 2016

Summer 2K15 Comes to an End

Say what?!???!!!!
The summer is OVER:(
But oh how very, very thankful
we are for summer time....
Spending summer with this sweet
face is PRiCeLeSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sporting their new shirts
I brought them from Lake Tahoe!
The last Super Soaker Sunday
with the youth group...
The kids LOVE hanging with the Hawkins!!!
Extremely thankful for new friends
like them...AND sweet snakes!!!!!!!!!!  ha!
Grant Teaff spoke at our convocation.
It was such a treat for me to hear
this legend from Baylor speak.
My dad has always loved Grant Teaff!
A trip to Tahoe and starting back
to school = one tired MAMA!
Surprising our super star son with 
a new bat right before his 13th 
birthday for making THE STORM team!
Meet the Panthers!
Haley Girl!
Walker and his buddies sitting with GIRLS!!!
Huds is obsessed with the players:)
Middle School Friends!!!!!!!!!!!
7th and 8th graders:)
Hello 4th Grade Cuties!!!
Meet MY Panthers!
Hudson is always pretending!!!
This day he was a lifeguard...
saving his sister!!!!!!!!!!!
This kid is a riot!
Hadlee learning to braid my hair!
Summer accessories!!!!!!!!
My girlies at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Back to School Social at MHS with
my favorite teacher friends and their families!
Walker was at a Ranger game with the youth group.  
My first time to have Pok-e-O's!!!!!!!!
Where's Walker???!!!?????!
At a Ranger Game with the Youth Group!!!
LOVE that this precious 8th grader,
Juliana, sent me this pic of Walker!!!!!!!
Excuse me?!?
Hewitt is #20 on the top 50
places to live in 2015!!!!!!!
How cute is this girl?!?
Hadlee talking to Mrs. Cates!!!
get Mrs. Cates AND to find out
that Jersi got her, too!!!!!!!!!!
I love these two little H's!
They even pretend to drink Starbucks with me!
How precious is it that Hadlee
makes this picture with my 
friend Brandy's little girl her screensaver!
Reminiscing over my trip with the NaNa's.
Love each of these girls with all my heart!
Hey Haley!
Last WAC of the Summer
(Wednesday After Church)
My fave couple:)
Mira, my sweet and precious intern is back!!!
Room almost ready for a new year!
My prayer for the upcoming year.....
Our Gymnast!
These two are the biggest 
snugglers EVER!
My poor little Huddy got sick
RIGHT before school was about to start!
It BROKE my heart!!!!!!!!
Dr. G hooked us up with some meds
and the sweet guy recovered quickly...
The night before his VERY first
day of school EVER!!!!!!!!!

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