Sunday, February 21, 2016


After MUCH thought, deliberation & prayer,
we decided to let Walker try out 
for a select baseball team for the fall.
We knew that the competition level
in little league was about to drop
considerably and that if Walker
wants to try to play baseball in high school,
that we needed to bite the bullet and 
give him a chance at select.
The competition is FIERCE
and tryouts were tough for
Walker since he hasn't ever played
select before...and then
 with having to wait to 
find out if he made the team!
Walker chose STORM
and it's the only team he wanted 
to try out we had a lot
riding on these tryouts!!!
Troy and I were so pumped 
when the coaches finally 
posted the roster!!!
Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO proud of this boy!!!
He worked really hard to make this
team and now he's gotta work
even harder!  I think it's awesome
and even moreso I think
this kid is awesome!!! :)
Go STORM!!!!!!

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