Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Summer, Whatever You Do....

...DON'T GO!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean, seriously, summer is too cool!
GLASSES for Walker 
to use as back up with his contacts!
School clothes shopping with Grandmother!
Gotta have a new back pack!
Isn't this what everyone does
at for SHOES?!?
Love this summer smile:)
Writing out her calendar ...
just like her Mommy does:)
Precious Nova!!!!!!!
Michelle had Nova over at
Grandmother and PaPa's for a visit:)
The ONLY dog Hadlee isn't scared of!!!
Smores in the Summer!!!
Boys. Boys. Boys.
Haley in an Aggie Hat?!?!  

We LOVE it:)
Summer Snuggles with our FaVE!  
Jersi and Hadlee playing American Girl!
Ice Cream of COURSE!
Summer Shine!!!!!!!!!!!!
Swimming with Buckley!!!!!!!!!!
B/F/F I pray:)
Boys.  Boys. Everywhere.  
Summer Lovin'
But Huds doesn't like to share Mommy!
Too Cool for School.  
Growing up way too fast.  
Maybe she doesn't need another 
Vera Bradley pocket shirt;)
Hudson for the WIN!
Celebrating Ella Kate!!!
MORE shopping!!!!!!!!!!!
Hangin' in the Hood...
Summer Sundays
Cutie PIE!!!!!!!!!!
I mean cutie pieS!!!!!!!!!!
I got my BASEBALL pants on!!!!!!!
I got my tight pants on!
What it looks like when 
Sister tries to Snuggle with MOMMY!!!
Who is this grown kid with me!???!!!???!!!!
Shopping for Shoes with MOM!!!
Macy and Hadlee coloring cards to send
to hospitals for sick children...
These two have such sweet spirits.  
Visiting Mr. V!!!
He loves to show the kids items
from his extensive Indian collection!
Mr. V and Mumsie:)
We love Mr. Vardeman!!!
He surprised us with cookie cake
slices from our Cookie Cake Lady, Lisa!
Time to cut these blond locks!!!
He melts me.  
Sum, Sum, Summer Time!!!
Hadlee and I went shopping one 
night for Walker's school supplies!
No more PTA purchasing the supplies;(
But she and I had a blast!
My Summer Sidekicks:)
Lunch at Chuys!!!
Love my family more than anything!
Getting in as many swims as possible!
Kisses for Bax!
Jumping off the diving board!!!
(To Jared!)
Trying to narrow down the 
list of people to invite
to the 13th Birthday BASH!!!!!!!
Nadaly + Hadlee
+ Haley, tooooooo!
Just can't believe THIS is happening!!!
Superman Trav!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doing his own PT walking in his backyard!
Croc Hunter!
ALWAYS up to something;)
Sweet Girls of Summer!
Silly, too!
Walker having a blast at
Tori's girl/boy party!!!!!!!!!;)

I don't think I will ever tire
of her sweet selfies on my phone:)
My two favorite little Aggies:)
Seriously, Summer....
We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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