Saturday, February 20, 2016

First Midway Home Game

A teacher friend sent me this
during the day!  Loved it...
Betsy Grace, Hadlee, Huds, Mrs. Burns

Go Midway! 
Midway has started a new program
called the "Panther Pack" for 
kids in elementary.  They can 
join and run out before the players
at every home game.  
Huds was SO pumped over this!!!
My two favorite Panther Pack members!
Brandy's sweet precious angels...
with my sweet precious angel:)
Huds is so obsessed with the football
players ~ recording their every move
on his little iTouch!
Hadlee loves taking care of little ones:)
We had such a fun night!
My Faves...
Finally I see my boy...
he's all about the middle school section!
Look at him and Kate:)
Funny Photo Bombing Dads;)
My Favorite Midway Panthers!!!
Supporting Jake!!!
This kid is ready to play...

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