Monday, February 15, 2016

Early Morning Practice!!!

With seventh grade/middle school, 
also came EARLY morning athletics!
Which meant two things to me:
getting to school before the crack
of dawn AND taking a shower
at school!!!!!!!!! 
Walker had to be at school on the
field at 6:30 every morning.
He never once complained or
wanted to miss or had trouble
getting going.  
I actually think he liked it.
He would ask for us to get him
up SO early so he could be
showered and ready to go.
The boy is disciplined ~
like his daddy.  NOT like his mom;)
Jonathan's dad took the boys
every morning which was such
a huge blessing!!!
Way too early for mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Early morning practice started on the 
second day of school which also 
happened to be Walker's 13th
Look at my good lookin' boy
in his blues and greys...
A TeeNAGeR!!!!!!!!

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