Wednesday, February 17, 2016

First Week Back at It!

Adjusting to getting up and getting going...
4th grade & Kinder:)
THEN this happened:
A boy gave Hadlee a gift.
Hayden G bought this necklace for 
Hadlee on his summer vacation!!!!!!!!!
She just didn't know what to 
think or do about this!!!  ;)
Hayden used his own money
on his vacation with his family 
to have this necklace made 
that says "Hadlee" in pink iron.
Wow, just wow!!!!
Notes Haddie leaves in my classroom:)
Three Spoons for the after school WiN!!!!!!
Love My FUN Little H's!!!!!!!!!!
BLUE day in Kindergarten!!!
This is what I found in Hudson's
folder from school.....
It was a picture of himself on 
the first day of kindergarten that he 
had to draw ~ he drew his tears:(
God bless my sweet boy!!!!!!
This would be what I find in my
7th grader's folder!!!  ha!
TGIF on the first week of school!
Ready to go in their 
Midway shirts!!!!!!!!
First MHS Pep Rally with my
favorite team!  #dreamteam
Love seeing my friends' kids in the halls!
McDonald's for breakfast with 
these two is always a HIT!
Celebrating precious Ella's Birthday!
Twinning!  :)
Such silly, sweet girls!
Happy boys driving home from the 
Cromeys late that night:)
Up early the next morning
for a "game"!!!!!!!!!!
These two!
I mean, seriously, could they be any cuter?
My little Huds having a 
blast in PE on "green" day!!!
Many of our afternoons/evenings
looked like this that first week ~
which I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I may have felt a little bit like
this that first week back...
but it was nice getting back into
the groove and routine of things
(kind of!!!)! ;)

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