Monday, July 4, 2016

Hudson's 6th BIRTHday!!!

Heading in to South Bosque on Hudson's
first SCHOOL birthday!!!!!!!
We took red & blue Midway
sprinkle donuts for the class:)
We love our Birthday BOY!!!
In two more days, he will be SiX!!!!!!
Getting called on stage....
Huds had quite the cheering section!
It was too cute when they called
his name out!!!!!!!!!
Such a big boy in kindergarten!!!
Celebrating in his classroom 
with Midway donuts and football napkins!
It was also Miles's birthday weekend.
Miles invited Griffin and Hudson
to go home with him and to go to
Peter Piper's Pizza for dinner and games.  
They had a blast!
Sunday, January 17, 2016
Good morning, SIX year old!!!!!!!!
Opening a gift...
Birthday Boy ready for church!!!
Yes, he wore an NFL jersey 
under his church shirt.  
The Seahawks were playing that day!
Birthday Kisses!!!
This little love of mine!!!!!!
Six sweet years old...I can't believe it.  
God knew I needed Hudson.  
He's so grown up!!!!!!!!!
After church and the Chi Alpha service,
We went to Fuddruckers to celebrate
our little man!!!!!!!!!!!
Hudson truly completed our family:)
Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!!!!!!!!
I could just eat this blond, 
blue eyed love UP!!!!!!!!!
very loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time for some Presents!!!!!!!
A new mouth piece!!!!!!!
This kid is obsessed with all
things sports!!!!!!!!!!!
The exact GREY A&M jersey he wanted!!!
Mr. V's bday card to Huds...
Playing his new NFL game!
Hudson Jack Pierce,
You are something else!!!!!!!!!!
Look how you ~ all by yourself ~
decorate your room!!!
We went by Wesley Woods so
PaPa could see you on your birthday.
He and Grandmother had gifts for you:)
You immediately went home and 
hung your calendar and started 
marking off the days...
As usual, that evening you put
on your basketball uniform and
we watched you play on your "court"!
Your "games" and your "play-by-plays"
are PRiCeLeSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That night we celebrated our
favorite little boy!!!!!!!!!
You complete us, Huds!
Wish BiG, Sweet Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May all your wishes come true!!!!!!!!!
Hudson is PURE LoVE, JoY
and IMaGiNaTioN!!!
God knew we needed this little boy in our lives, 
and I couldn't be more thankful for him.  
I still think he might be a little 
angel on earth.  
In tough moments when I might doubt
or question God, I think of 
this little boy.  
Happy Birthday, Hudson Love.
We couldn't love you more.  

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