Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dad Days ~ February

Our days at Wesley Woods 
continued on with Dad :(
Sometimes you think that maybe
he will snap out of this...
but then you realize there's
no snapping out of Alzheimer's.
There might be better days,
but you are ALWAYS on a
 down hill slope.  
Dad started crying A LOT.
Sometimes when he first saw us
and sometimes just at random.
He never could articulate why
he was crying...
and it was always fleeting.  
The crying absolutely tore us apart!
Almost as much as the blank stares.....
Sometimes you become engrossed in
what he might be thinking...
but there's absolutely no way to know.
He barely ever speaks anymore.  
We are just loving him through this...
nobody doing that moreso than my mother!
We make sure to feed him....
...and try to entertain him!
Hadlee wrote this at school and it
is the sweetest, saddest essay :(
"I think my Grandmother likes Wesley Woods
as much as PaPa does because she
is there everyday."
The other patients definitely keep
us entertained...we love to love them!!!
Donald back there would always
roll up and ask me to have coffee with him...
We LOVE Adelle and Mrs. Tanner!!!
Dad started walking some again...
but you had to stay very close to him.  
We are so thankful for DETRA!!!!!!
She is such a character!!!

Adelle and Clemy talking away....
God bless our Sweet Dad....
Jim giving me the Mean Face;)
Supporting and loving Dad in 
every way we can......
His sweet face:)
Smiles are few and far between which
is so, so different from his usual self.  
Patric came to see his Uncle Harold.  
Hair Cut at the WW Beauty Shop!
Looking good!!!!!
Beautiful Arin is our FAVORITE day nurse!
She takes the best care of Dad!!!!!
Imagine our surprise.....
(Apparently the favorite patients always
get chosen.  this year it was Dad and Adelle!)
Adelle loves Travis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Valentine's Day 2016
He is in our hearts :)
Smiles :) :)
Sweet Hadlee & Hudson 
made these for PaPa's room...
I made this for Dad's room......
I knew Mother would be coming
shortly after I left so "Dad" had her
some roses, a card and a little gift....
It broke my heart how he 
signed it for me...
"Love, Harold Gibson"
His writing ....
Then there's Felicia!!!
We love her so:)
God knew we needed Felicia!!!!!!
She's been like an angel to us:)
She's family now:)
We are so thankful for the kind
souls taking care of our Dad.  
I'm so thankful my parents had
these pictures made during the summer
for the church directory...
I love you, Dad!

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snekcip said...

Oh this just breaks my heart. The devastating affects of Alzheimer's resounds throughout the whole family. Hadlee's letter was so heartfelt and such a keepsake. I looked at the picture of your parents and your father's smile was so warm and inviting. He looked like a gentleman who had a soothing voice and a laughed that rattled the rooftop. The smiles may be few, the tears more prevalent, but the love you share for one another is for eternity. I can see through the pictures how much love you all share. May God continue to keep and surround your beautiful family.

Dawn aka Snekcip